Why I’m Running


For Release:  4/ 15/19

Hailey, Idaho: 

Kiki Tidwell, long-time Idaho resident, renewable energy advocate, and clean tech investor, announces her candidacy for Blaine County Commissioner for the mid-County position up for election November 3, 2020.  Tidwell was moved to run for this mid-Valley seat from her perspective on the proposed second transmission line;  Tidwell wants citizens to know that the Idaho Public Utilities Commission ruling does not require Blaine County to accept this line as proposed sited in its scenic corridor.  Instead, the Commissioners have two other real options right now: they could require the entire line to be buried at Idaho Power’s cost or they could require that, instead of a line, batteries be installed at all substations in the County which would enable emergency backup power as well as an ability to repair the existing line.  

Tidwell, recognized as one of the U.S.’s top female leading clean tech investors, believes that her experience and networks gives her the unique perspective to lead the County forward with an emphasis on resiliency in the face of increasing dramatic weather events.  The catastrophic fires in California recently were started by faults in transmission lines.  However, Idaho Power has dropped repairing the first line from their plan.  The old wooden power poles will stay as a potential fire hazard.  Tidwell knows of what she speaks when it comes to Idaho Power; she undertook and won a successful shareholder initiative with the utility in 2009, one of the only few successful shareholder votes ever in any category.  As well, Tidwell deeply participated as an Intervenor in the PUC transmission line case in the past few years.

Tidwell knows that there is a better way to spend $35 million in our community, she points to entities like https://generatecapital.com/ which finance microgrids, backup batteries, and distributed energy generation including solar, for communities.  The costs for these solutions have come down exponentially, and are sometimes now the least cost solution.  INL stands ready with our data in hand to help the County model a real solution of backup power.

Tidwell states, “This 100 year decision deserves someone well-educated in the energy technology of 2019 and someone who has the ability to prioritize true County energy resiliency in this new era of extreme weather, rather than agreeing to degrade our visual corridor with a non-solution transmission-line-to-nowhere.  If Jacob Greenberg votes ‘yes’ on this transmission line now, he should know that voters will remember it come election day.”


Kiki Leslie Tidwell